Tobacco? “I’ll Pass”

The Pass On It project encourages teens to say “I’ll pass” to the things that hold them back, like drugs and alcohol. It is part of the South Bay Families Connected project. Our current focus is on tobacco.

We are currently asking teens to share their personal and fact-based reasons to say, “I’ll pass” to tobacco and vaping as either a video or blog entry.

We are accepting submissions from early spring until our June 1, 2018 deadline. Participants may also opt to submit to our contest to win money!


If you’re between the ages of 13-18, please tell us your personal reasons and the facts you’ve learned that help you say, “I’ll pass,” to tobacco and vaping.

It is 100% free and all are welcome to participate. Whether you’ve never tried tobacco, or have tried it, or are currently using, this is about reasons to consider saying no in the future. In other words, this is not a pledge.

For video submissions, show us an example of how you would say no to tobacco in a specific situation (or a few!). Feel free to work in your personal and factual reasons in dialogue.

For blog submissions, share your top five reasons to say, “I’ll pass,” when it comes to tobacco and vaping. Please make at least two of your reasons fact based. Click here to access our fact resource page. You could also click here to check out other teens’ reasons to not use tobacco, from relationships to sports to addiction.

Each South Bay Families Connected partner school will select one blog winner and one video winner from their student body, and each winner will be awarded $50!

Winners also have the option of being published on the Pass On It website and receiving a certificate of recognition at a school assembly. However, we will honor anyone’s request for their submission to remain anonymous.

Check out our winning Summer 2016 “I’ll pass on drugs” video!