Who is invited to participate in the Pass On It project?

Any teen or young adult, ages 13-20, can participate in the Pass On It project, whether or not they have always ‘passed on it.’

What ideas does this project center around?

The Pass On It project was created to encourage teens to pause and consider why it may be better to pass on alcohol (if under 21) and drugs while giving them the tools and resources they need to do so. The main question the project asks teens is: How do YOU pass on situations that you don’t want to be a part of?

What is the main message you want to send through this project?

It might seem like drugs and alcohol are a great way to blow off steam and connect with friends, but the Pass On It project is here to show teens that this isn’t true and there are many different ways to pass on alcohol (if you’re under 21) and drugs. But the Pass On It project isn’t limited to just passing on drugs and alcohol– we want to give teens the tools to pass on anything that they don’t want to do.

Why do you think people should be inspired by the project?

Pass On It is, at its core, simply about learning ways to stay productive and healthy, including passing on drugs and alcohol, but it’s also about reading and watching content created by other teens. The Pass On It project is a way for teens to express themselves and share how they personally deal with peer pressure. It’s always nice to know that you’re not alone, whether you’re dealing with bullies or relationship problems or parents divorcing, and the Pass On It website offers resources, blog entries, and more to show that.

What effects do you want this project to have on people?

By participating in Pass On It, we hope teens will find the tools and resources to help and inspire them to ‘Pass On It’ as much as possible, ranging from negative thinking to drug use and everything in between that can hurt our minds, bodies, and self-esteem.

How can I promote Pass On It at my school?

If you’re a teen, student, administrator, teacher, organization, or anyone interested in promoting Pass On It, just send us an email at admin@passonit.info, and we will send you artwork for posters and flyers that your school can print and distribute.

Who created Pass On It?

The project concept, research, website and ongoing management was created and is funded by LSM Communications, LLC out of a desire to help teens navigate the many and ever-changing pressures of today. LSM Communications is committed to supporting projects, campaigns, and organizations that better the health and well-being of kids, teens, and adults.