Sidney’s Reasons to Pass On It
Jun 2016

Sidney’s Reasons to Pass On It

Sidney Bowen, singer/songwriter, shares her reasons to #passonit!

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.37.24 PMsidney-bowen-go

I always pass on alcohol and drugs because I’ve seen how my friends have been negatively affected by it, and I do not want to follow in their footsteps. I have never said “yes” to drugs and alcohol because I look at the big picture, and I know how my future would be compromised if I were to accept them. I wish all of my friends were as against teen alcohol and drugs because life is so much fun without wasting your time and health on drugs and alcohol. I have so much fun in my life without all of that, and I am so happy that I have become a teenager who isn’t afraid to pass on it.

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